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Limited License to Print:

This license is intended to provide you with the ability print a limited number of copies of purchased downloadable digital content, provided that:

- You only print up to one copy of the purchased content, for either personal use or for resale.

- You do not re-distribute the digital content, except for the purposes of obtaining a printed copy from a third-party print vendor.

- You do not attempt to reverse engineer content from purchased material.

- The right to print the digitally supplied content in no way grants any rights to the recipient of the digital content in any intellectual property or other rights to the content.

- You agree to indemnify PhotoLetters.com, Alba Web Designs, LLC, David Duncan, and any other related parties from any cost, liability, damages, or expense incurred by any of them relating to or in connection with any of our content.

Digital Download Sample:
You may download the following sample to test viewing/print functionality:

SAMPLE PDF of Digital Download / JPG

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